Powerboat champion Erik Stark tests the Candela Seven

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Six-time world powerboat champion and driver for Dubai’s Victory Team Erik Stark has been testing the new Candela Seven, a foiling electric speedboat. The company has released a video to show Stark taking to the water in the unique vessel.

Software innovations and a new hydrofoil system enable the Seven to fly above chop and swells, without slamming, as one of the first electric craft capable of high-speed foiling in the water.

The video follows Stark as he trials the Seven – and its foiling capability – on the water for the first time, and features interviews with key members of the Candela team including CEO and founder Gustav Hasselskog, as well as going inside the Candela ship building facility.

The Seven is made in Sweden with experience drawn from fighter jet and airplane design. The boat is said to be extremely light, while still highly impact resistant. The hull and deck are carefully crafted exclusively from carbon fiber.

The foils are fully retractable and the electric motor has a range of up to 50 nautical miles at 22kts (with eight nautical miles ‘limp home’ at 3kts). The maximum speed of the craft is said to be 30kts, its most efficient speed 19-23kts, with a minimum foiling speed of 17kts.

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