Compact outboard pod motors for sailing vessels

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Germany-based marine specialist Fischer Panda has announced that it has developed an underwater motor for sailing boats and smaller electric motorboats, where the focus is not on speed but on the protection of nature and emission-free, quiet operation.

It is offering two versions: a 1.7kW pod motor rated to run at 2,300rpm on a 24V supply, and a 3.8kW unit rated at 3,000rpm using 48V.

“Our motors produce practically no noise as they do not need a gearbox, and the direct drive minimizes noise and vibrations,” explained Martin Mews, head of the development department for electric drives at Fischer Panda. “The skipper can enjoy nature and the peace and quiet on board, and at the same time protect the environment because the boat is running climate-neutrally. Sailing is more flexible with the electric motor because the boat can also cruise on waters where boats with combustion engines are not permitted.”

The company notes that as its pod motors have maximum torque throughout their entire speed range, low-speed maneuvering is easier than with traditional IC solutions. It also says that the motor itself contains no electronic components. These are housed within a separate controller unit, installed along with the battery system in the boat’s hull.

The water-cooled, permanent magnet electric motors are mounted inside a compact and watertight housing made of stainless steel and a three-stage sealing system aids reliability. The pod system can be mounted to enable it to be rotated and versions for outboard applications are also offered. Notably, the pods are supplied with a Yamaha Delta propeller, which are available worldwide.

Fischer Panda also manufactures motors in higher power ranges from 7.5kW (48V) up to 100kW (420V).

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