Siemens Energy and Bellona reveal results of maritime decarbonization study

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A study conducted by Siemens Energy and Bellona has found that green ferries are a key factor necessary for the decarbonization of the marine sector in terms of reaching net-zero targets and addressing climate change.

The collaborative research study highlights several opportunities to decarbonize the sector by creating low- and zero-emission ferries, and also identified a number of other solutions which could foster the electrification of ferries and other sustainable maritime technologies.

With the maritime sector contributing 3% of total global greenhouse gas emissions, Siemens Energy has partnered with customers to develop environmentally friendly and efficient propulsion solutions for marine vessels.

Having released the study findings, both Siemens Energy and Ballona believe it could spark a transition toward electric ferries in the UK and Europe. The study states that electrification of ferries in the four countries analyzed in the study (Italy, Greece, Germany and the UK) would enable a reduction in emissions of 800,000 tons of CO2  each year.

“Our oceans and seas are at the front line of climate change, making decarbonizing marine transport both important and complex,” said Steve Scrimshaw, vice president of Siemens Energy UK&I. “Our study with Bellona showcases the potential green marine can have. Technology isn’t the issue; we already have the solutions to deliver much lower carbon emissions. But if we are to reach our net-zero targets then we need to adopt a cross-sector approach.

“Siemens Energy has the expertise to support the electrification of ferries and the marine sector. We have already installed the world’s largest all-electric car ferry with our battery propulsion system and seen the efficiency and performance benefits this can bring. In the UK, transportation is the heaviest carbon-emitting industry, but it’s also essential to deliver businesses and services to local economies. So, it’s vital we act now.”

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