Genevos enables vessel decarbonization with latest Hydrogen Power Module

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The HPM-80 (Hydrogen Power Module), which has just been unveiled by Genevos, is an 80kW plug-and-play marine fuel cell which can be stacked for multi-MW scale. This enables the solution to be used by larger maritime vessels, such as ferries or service vessels, which seek to completely decarbonize their operations.

Genevos’s solution benefits from being low weight (330kg) and modular, enabling it to meet the requirements of multiple vessel types, including crew transfer vessels, tugboats and offshore support vessels. The HPM-80 provides 100% clean power while emitting only water as a by-product.

Alternatively, the HPM-80 can be used within a hybrid setup; it can extend the life of existing vessels, and is particularly suited to commercial applications, such as in fishing or patrol boats which currently use polluting combustion engines and travel at low speeds, where it has the potential to reduce fuel consumption by more than 50%. For larger cargo and cruise ships, the HPM-80s can be used to power auxiliary vessel systems when in port or when anchored, to reduce NOx and particle emissions in coastal areas.

The HPMs are electrically connected in parallel to reach optimal vessel power requirements, with each module protected and controlled to provide independent power, enabling high efficiency and redundancy. Genevos’s HPM portfolio uses corrosion-resistant graphite plate technology by integrating Cummins-Hydrogenics high-durability stacks.

“Energy security and reliability is crucial for a vessel and is especially important for a professional boat that can reach over 5,000 hours of use per year,” explained Phil Sharp, CTO and co-founder, Genevos. “The independent operation of each module provides that all-important redundancy, and the vessel can continue normal operation if one module is shut down or removed for maintenance.”

To optimize space on board a ship, the HPM-80 enables users to mechanically stack the modules vertically, with the lower module bolted directly to the floor.

The HPM-80 is currently undergoing Type Approval certification ahead of being delivered in summer 2023.

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