Yaskawa / The Switch to power bulk carriers

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Yaskawa Environmental Energy/The Switch has signed a deal with Caterpillar to use electric drive train technology in bulk carriers.

The ships will use Caterpillar Marine’s Twin Fin concept with The Switch providing two permanent magnet (PM) propulsion machines, four PM generators, two DC-hubs, two electronic bus links (EBL) and 20 electronic DC breakers (EDCB) per vessel.

The PM machines capture mechanical energy and convert it to green, electrical vessel power.

Switch DC-hubs offer flexible power generation, energy storage, charging, propulsion and clean power, linked and protected by the EBLs.

EDCBs protect the individual frequency converters within the DC-hubs.

Ville Parpala, director, product marketing, marine, Yaskawa Environmental Energy/The Switch, said, “The Twin Fin concept is a game-changer within the industry, delivering enhanced power and maneuverability, but with decreased energy consumption and emissions.”

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