Hy-Hybrid Energy commences study on hybrid fuel cells

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Hy-Hybrid Energy has announced a new feasibility study into the use of hybrid fuel cell powertrains for heavy-duty transport.

The research will determine the viability of both proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) and solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) for heavy-duty road, rail, marine and aviation use in a variety of systems, including main propulsion, hotel load, range extender and auxiliary power. The level of hybridization between the two types of fuel cells and the energy storage system will also play a part in the overall design of the system.

“Both PEMFC and SOFC technologies have a place in the transport sector; it is very important to select the right one with respect to particular application and scale size. It is not that far off that you will see both PEMFC and SOFC technologies working together, even in one application,” said Dr Naveed Akhtar, CEO of Hy-Hybrid Energy. “New markets are opening, new technologies are emerging, and we are positioning ourselves to be at the forefront to lead the transformation from fossil fuels to hydrogen mobility.”

This year, Hy-Hybrid Energy has worked with a German OEM on a solid oxide fuel cell development project, as well as entering into a joint agreement with Goldi Mobility, a Hungarian manufacturer looking to develop and build a fuel cell drivetrain for a fleet of electric buses.

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