Proton Motor Fuel Cell and Torqeedo collaborate on clean maritime propulsion system

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Germany-based hydrogen fuel cell and electric hybrid systems manufacturer Proton Motor Fuel Cell has announced a collaboration with Torqeedo on a clean maritime project called Ma-Hy-Hy.

Both companies are working on a hydrogen hybrid propulsion system for marine mobility. The solution will be capable of delivering 30-120kWh fuel cell power and variable hydrogen storage capacity. The system’s propulsion power will deliver 50-200kW and the battery capacity is expected to be between 40kWh and 160kWh, in addition to any size of hydrogen storage.

Testing and validation of the prototype trial system will be conducted on a test bench at a Torqeedo site.

Ma-Hy-Hy stands for Marine-Hydrogen-Hybrid and the companies hope that the project will complement Torqeedo’s Deep Blue Hybrid drive systems with Proton Motor’s fuel cell technology.

In November 2021, Proton Motor announced the project would receive funding from the Bavarian federal government until 2024. The funding will be used for the further development of a high-voltage marine hybrid propulsion system with a hydrogen fuel cell and battery.

During the Ma-Hy-Hy project, Proton Motor will continue to adapt and optimize the components of its maritime fuel cell systems.

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