H2Carrier and Anori to collaborate on large power-to-X project in Greenland

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H2Carrier and Anori have signed a letter of intent that will see them cooperate to develop what is claimed to be the first commercial wind farm in Greenland, with the aim of producing and then exporting green ammonia.

The pair estimate that the wind farm will produce 1.5GW of renewable energy that will be used to supply power to H2Carrier’s P2XFloater, a floating production vessel for hydrogen and green ammonia.

The P2XFloater’s design is based on proven technologies used for the floating production of oil and gas. Control systems that optimize renewable power, electrolyzers and the Haber-Bosch process are used to produce ammonia. H2Carrier has also outlined plans to build, own/lease and operate a fleet of P2XFloaters on power-to-X projects internationally.

Tanks on board the P2XFloater will be used to store green ammonia that will then be transferred to smaller vessels for export to international ammonia markets. The P2XFloater was designed in partnership with several engineering firms in Norway and can produce, store and export green ammonia.

H2Carrier believes that the P2XFloater is the first vessel of its type that is capable of producing hydrogen and ammonia on an industrial scale.

“The innovative P2XFloater design represents a cost- and time-efficient and flexible solution for production of green ammonia on an industrial scale at a competitive price,” explained Mårten Lunde, CEO of H2Carrier. “The demand for green ammonia is rapidly increasing due to industrial decarbonization. This is an attractive project at the right location, at the right time.

“Greenland is uniquely positioned to take a leading role internationally for the supply of green ammonia. Locally, a significant industrial project of this magnitude will be important to the Greenland society by way of employment opportunities and positive economic impact.”

Anori’s chairman, Nicolai Fossar Fabritius, said, “At present, less than 1% of the global ammonia consumption globally is produced from renewable energy. We need to turn this around to come closer to 100% as soon as possible in order to reach the targets of the Paris Agreement.”

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