Saronic Ferries and C-Job Naval Architects partner for Greece’s first fully electric ro-pax ferry

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A newly formed partnership between Saronic Ferries and C-Job Naval Architects will see C-Job develop the design of the first fully electric ro-pax ferry in Greece.

An initial design has already been drawn up and delivered to Saronic Ferries following a study on the feasibility of sustainable fuels. The zero-emission passenger ro-pax ferry will feature fully electric propulsion, with recharging expected to take place in the port of Piraeus. The 800-person vessel will benefit from a host of other sustainable technologies and energy-saving solutions on board.

Saronic Ferries is the largest ferry operator in the Saronic islands and aims to have an entirely emissions-free fleet by 2040. The electric ro-pax ferry is scheduled to join the fleet in 2026. If the necessary infrastructure is in place, it will serve a route between Piraeus and the islands of Aegina and Agistri.

“We are taking a step toward a cleaner world, and we envision our operation in the Saronic islands to be the inspiration for others to initiate more green fleet renewal projects in Greece,” explained George Papaioannides, a partner at Saronic Ferries.

“We lead the way encouraging potential stakeholders to embrace change and move things forward, both on the vessel design front and in land-based infrastructure and supply. One can’t come without the other,” said Joseph Lefakis, also a partner at Saronic Ferries. “C-Job, at its core, is a key player in sustainable ship design worldwide. Sharing the same values with them naturally led to this cooperation.”

“We’re proud to have been chosen as a partner to Saronic Ferries to develop their zero-emission ferry and support their sustainable ambitions,” added Nikos Papapanagiotou, a director at C-Job Athens. “We’ve been researching alternative fuels and energy sources for nearly a decade and have applied this knowledge and other innovations to our designs. Thanks to our experience and R&D team, we’re able to show how design choices will affect operations and create the optimal design for each situation.”

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