Wilkie Engineering invests in Oasis Marine Power to develop offshore charging buoy

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Oasis Marine Power (OMP) has announced that Wilkie Engineering, of Newburgh in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, has become a shareholder in the company. The investment will enable both companies to deliver the Oasis Power Buoy, an offshore buoy that can be utilized by electric and hybrid vessels to recharge while at sea.

The buoy harnesses its power directly from wind turbines offshore, resulting in a zero-emission energy source that will enable hybrid and electric crew transfer vessels (CTVs) to replenish batteries while carrying out operations ahead of returning to a port. This means the vessels do not rely on fuel. The buoy offers the dual function of being both an offshore mooring point and a charging point.

Final testing of the buoy has been carried out at Wilkie Engineering with sea trials scheduled to begin later this month.

“We are thrilled to have Wilkie Engineering as both our manufacturers and investors,” said George Smith, managing director, Oasis Marine Power. “It was of utmost importance to have a local company on board that we could fully trust to deliver the quality engineering required for the Oasis Power Buoy. Wilkie also shares our aspirations for creating a new generation of products that will reduce carbon emissions and have longevity in the marine sector.”

“Wilkie Engineering are delighted to be part of a new venture with Oasis Marine Power,” said Russel Davies, managing director, Wilkie Engineering. “This is a strategically important move for Wilkie Engineering as we diversify into the renewable sector, and we look forward to working hand in hand with George and his team in developing the Oasis Power Buoy and future products.”

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