Saietta launches electric marine motor division

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E-mobility propulsion company Saietta has announced the launch of a new marine propulsion division called Propel.

The division will be responsible for designing, developing and commercializing a portfolio of Saietta electric motors as the company seeks to advance the electrification of the marine sector.

The first two propulsion technologies from the division will be the Propel S1 and the Propel D1, both of which have been developed using Saietta’s Axial Flux Technology (AFT) programs.

Propel’s first outboard motor, the Propel S1, is capable of 10kW continuous output from a 48V battery, and when mated with an in-house developed propeller the motor can generate 3.75kW of propulsive power. This is equivalent to a 25bhp internal combustion engine in terms of acceleration and top speed.

During development CFD software was utilized to design the bespoke four-blade propeller. This ensured the propellor delivered an optimal balance between size and motor performance to extract the most from Saietta’s AFT 140 motor. The Propel S1 is said to be one of the most efficient electric outboards that has been developed, with the AFT electric motor aiding in achieving an overall efficiency of up to 62%. Furthermore, the motor and its electrics are all housed above the water line.

Launching alongside the S1 is the Propel D1, an inboard series of electric crate motors that have been developed to replace old and inefficient diesel engines with a hassle-free alternative. Designed to go further on a single charge, both the motors and the controllers are cooled using a closed-loop arrangement, resulting in a nearly maintenance-free propulsion system. The D1 also doesn’t need a gearbox making it highly efficient. Propel’s D1 range utilizes low-voltage motors to make battery sourcing easier and installation and operation safer on existing vessels.

“When developing the Propel brand, it became immediately clear that users want simple and worry-free access to cutting-edge electric propulsion technologies that don’t sacrifice style over substance,” commented Sander van Dijk, managing director and chief technical officer, Propel. “We have developed our brand around these principles; firstly, no motors and electronics below the waterline, a robust drivetrain that is virtually maintenance-free is key. And secondly, our advanced products must be simple and safe to operate by everyone.”

Both of the propulsion technologies will premiere at the Marine Equipment Trade Show in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on November 16, 2021.

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