Holland Shipyards begins retrofit of Future Proof Shipping vessel

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Following months of preparation, Netherlands-based Holland Shipyards has begun its first hydrogen project which consists of retrofitting a hydrogen propulsion system on board Future Proof Shipping’s Maas vessel.

Having arrived at the shipyard in Werkendam last week, the Maas vessel will now undergo a major propulsion system change. The vessel’s internal combustion engine and gearbox will now be replaced with a more sustainable hydrogen system, consisting of electric motors, hydrogen tanks, a PEM fuel cell system (needed for converting hydrogen into electricity) and a battery system. The new hydrogen tanks, fuel cells and battery system are all separate units, ensuring each can be removed for easier access during maintenance or replacement.

Holland Shipyards will install the hydrogen and fuel cell system in the vessel’s cargo space, with the hydrogen placed above the fuel cell system in two 40ft-containers weighing approximately 1,000kg at 300bar.

The Maas’ newly installed fuel cell system will be triple redundant with an 825kW capacity to supply propulsion and auxiliary power. A 504kWh lithium-ion battery pack will enable peak shaving, secondary and bridging power. The system will contain a 750V DC bus bar and an e-motor for propulsion during operations.

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