GTT awarded €4.66m to develop CO2 capture system for container ship

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As part of the MerVent 2025 project, GTT has been awarded €4.66m (U$5m) in funding from Bpifrance for the design of an onboard CO2  capture system for a container ship, and for the additional development of intelligent operational performance solutions.

The project aims to design, construct and then operate a commercial container vessel which will operate as a hybrid using wind-assisted solutions and synthetic fuel for propulsion. The consortium, which includes shipowner Zéphyr & Borée, CWS, the Centrale Nantes University, OSE Engineering alongside GTT, has targeted 2025 for completion.

During MerVent 2025, CWS will be responsible for designing and producing the vessel’s wing sails, while GTT conducts the design process for an onboard CO2 capture system. The CO2 capture technology will capture at least 30% of the CO2 emissions from the alternative fuels that are being considered. The consortium aims to use either LNG, methanol, e-GNL or bio-GNL for the project and targets an overall CO2 emission reduction of at least 50% for this particular type of container vessel.

“This design of a commercial container ship with hybrid wind-assisted propulsion and synthetic fuel is the forerunner of a new generation of carbon-free merchant ships thanks to a highly innovative ship design, a hybrid propulsion and an onboard CO2 capture system adapted to the alternative fuels currently being considered by the shipping industry,” commented Philippe Berterottière, chairman and CEO of GTT.

“We are proud to bring the know-how and experience of the GTT group to the development of a low environmental impact container ship. Our digital intelligence subsidiary, OSE Engineering, will also play an essential role in this project, enabling the operational optimization of the ship’s various propulsion systems.”

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