ePropulsion expands OEM capabilities with first electric inboard motor

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To expand its OEM offerings, marine electric propulsion systems company ePropulsion has unveiled a brand-new electric inboard called the H-100. The propulsion system is set to make its debut at the Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo Europe on June 21, 22, 23, 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Developed with permanent magnet motor technology, the H-100 can achieve a maximum torque value of 2000Nm in addition to delivering 96% efficiency. The H-100 weighs 190kg and requires only 443mm x 315mm of space. Approximately two-thirds lighter and half the size of its diesel counterpart, the solution offers flexibility during installation and maximizes cargo or passenger space. A flat cable design also increases slot fill rate by 25% and improves power density.

With a focus on providing customized services to global OEMs, ePropulsion believes the latest inboard motor can offer boat builders a wide range of possibilities when constructing sustainable boating solutions. Designed to be highly adaptable, the company’s solutions and hardware can be shortened or lengthened to suit a wide range of commercial and leisure vessels. Other energy sources can also be added, such as converting to a hybrid system by installing solar, wind, diesel gensets or fuel cells as an additional power source.

Designed for use by larger sailing boats and motor vessels measuring 18m to 30m in length with a full displacement up to 200 tons, the 100kW inboard motor is capable of providing a high level of performance with no exhaust emissions and low noise and vibration levels. Developed to be customizable, the drive system can be straight to propellor, stern drive, sail drive or Azimuth thruster. The modularity of the system also enables manufacturers to extend range or increase power by opting for additional motors, controllers or batteries.

The intelligent system can be controlled remotely and several different modes feature, including a Docking mode which enables the throttle to be programmed to enable full throttle movement with reduced power input for enhanced low speed control, while a Syn mode can be selected for use on twin motor setups to match power input to both motors. ePropulsion has also worked with OEMs to ensure the motor can be controlled using the manufacturer’s original integrated software and IT systems.

When pairing the H-100 with the company’s HC-160-54 controller, operators will be able to use DC power directly, without the need for an additional converter. Furthermore, the H-100 features magnet reluctance to reduce counter electric potential as well as IP67 waterproofing, anti-corrosion, high accuracy position feedback, high torque density and closed-loop cooling. This ensures the system is highly durable and long lasting, negating the need for regular maintenance.

“We are committed to providing customizable solutions to OEMs through adaptable product application and are delighted to introduce our first electric inboard solution,” said Danny Tao, CEO, ePropulsion. “ePropulsion offers a real-world electric alternative to traditional diesel power for boat manufacturers across a wide range of sectors.

“This latest addition to our product range is yet another example that electric power can deliver a cleaner, more sustainable boating experience without compromising on performance. We are proud to play our part in our industry’s quest to tackle climate change and are looking forward to debuting the H-100 at the Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo Europe in June.”

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