Collaboration to investigate hydrogen supply chains

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Thyssenkrupp Steel, HKM and the Port of Rotterdam is to jointly investigate setting up an international supply chain for hydrogen. As the steel makers seek to become climate-neutral companies, they will need an ever-increasing quantity of hydrogen to produce steel without the need for coal. Traditionally, both parties have imported coal, iron ore and other raw materials via a terminal in Rotterdam using inland barges.

Looking toward a more sustainable future, the partners say they will explore hydrogen import opportunities through Rotterdam, but also though a pipeline corridor between Rotterdam and the steel companies’ sites in Duisburg, Germany. The trio hopes that the collaboration will act as a framework for existing and future projects undertaken by the companies.

At present, the Port of Rotterdam is already investigating the import of green hydrogen from a number of countries due to its use as a sustainable alternative to coal, oil and natural gas.

Alongside the importation process, the Port in Rotterdam is looking at setting up a carbon transportation and storage system, PORTHOS, which is also being considered as a CO storage site for the production of blue hydrogen by the H2morrow steel project, of which Thyssenkrupp Steel is also a partner.

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