Amogy and Ballard to integrate maritime fuel cell engines in ammonia-to-power platform

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Ammonia power solutions specialist Amogy has signed a contract to purchase FCwave fuel cell engines from Ballard Power Systems for its ammonia-to-power maritime applications. Ballard’s engine is a scalable fuel cell system certified for operation in marine environments.

The ammonia-to-power platform from Amogy depends on ammonia cracking technology which facilities the extraction of hydrogen on board for fuel in a hydrogen engine. To date, the solution has proved itself successful when used within industrial applications, and as a result, Amogy is now scaling its technology to be used on board tank barges and tugboat vessels within the maritime sector.

Under the contract, Amogy will purchase three of Ballard’s 200kW FCwave engines, with Ballard providing support for the integration of the fuel cell engines with Amogy’s own ammonia reforming system.

The initial FCwave engines will be supplied to Amogy in 2023 before being deployed within the marine sector. Once the first projects have been completed, a second order for seven additional FCwave engines is expected.

“This contract and collaboration opportunity with Ballard is a significant and valuable step as Amogy expands its efforts in the maritime sector,” said Seonghoon Woo, chief executive officer, Amogy. “With access to their leading fuel cell technology and team of experts, together we can expedite commercialization of scalable, ammonia-to-power solutions for the maritime industry and support global sustainability goals.”

“We are excited for the opportunity to work with Amogy and bring our clean and innovative technologies together,” added Søren Østergaard Hansen, general manager, marine and stationary, Ballard Power Systems Europe. “We believe Amogy’s onboard capabilities to convert ammonia to gaseous hydrogen combined with our fuel cell engines will be a major milestone to achieve decarbonization in the marine sector.”

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