EST-Floattech supplies battery system for Swedish electric ferry

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A fourth electric hybrid ferry powered by an EST-Floattech battery system has been delivered to Västtrafik, the organization responsible for public transportation in the Västra Götaland region in Sweden.

The double-ended commuter ferry – named the Eloise – was built by Työvene in Finland and measure 33m in length and has the capacity to carry 298 passengers and 80 bicycles. The vessel can travel at speed up to 11kts.

The battery installation from EST-Floattech is based on the company’s Green Orca 1050 High Energy Battery System. The system utilizes lithium polymer NMC cells which deliver an excellent cycle life and thermal performance, in addition to a high discharge rate capability.

With an installed battery capacity of 1,260kWh, the Eloise’s capacity is 25% larger than its sister ship, the Elvy, which was delivered in 2019. The Eloise vessel is capable of six hours continuous electric operation and can then be recharged via shore power or via an onboard diesel generator.

An in-house battery management system – also from EST-Floattech – forms the basis of the Green Orca High Energy Module. The BMS is viewed as an essential part of the system as it ensures safe and optimal ESS performance while meeting DNV and NMA class requirements.

“We are all proud to have been able to contribute to a greener Gothenburg,” said Juha Granqvist, CEO, Uudenkaupungin Työvene.

“We are happy to have partnered with EST-Floattech as a supplier of one of the key components for Eloise,” commented Antti Vikainen, project manager at Uudenkaupungin Työvene and overseer of the build.

“The support we received in addition to the delivery and commissioning of the battery system proved valuable, particularly when determining the safety requirements for the battery installation. The vessel itself is already a proven design that has evolved from a diesel-electric-powered ferry into a battery hybrid that is able to operate almost exclusively on stored electric power for its designed application.”

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