Yamaha trials integrated electric propulsion and steer system

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Yamaha has begun evaluation trials of a new, integrated electric propulsion system, dubbed HARMO, in Japan. The company says that HARMO is a “next-generation control system platform” consisting of a propulsion unit powered by an electric motor, a remote-control box, and a joystick that enables intuitive operation.

Yamaha is aiming to provide a complete electric drive package for boat operators, and will be specifically targeting the European market, which it feels is currently most open to the adoption of such systems.

According to the company, the motor drive adopts a rim drive method whereby a motor drives the propeller’s rim rather than via a central shaft. Yamaha says this provides high efficiency, as well as generating considerable thrust at low speeds, while also minimizing vibrations. The entire system is mounted in a pod which affords a large steering angle, giving good maneuverability, with the steering controlled by a simple joystick.

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