Vision Marine Technologies conducts sea trials of E-Motion 180E outboard motor

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Vision Marine Technologies, a manufacturer of electric propulsion systems, has provided an update on its fully electric E-Motion 180E outboard motor and the associated powertrain system.

The E-Motion 180E is currently being rigged and sea trialled on specific OEM vessel models for on-water testing. The product development program and its sea trials have been designed to evaluate the E-Motion powertrain technology to discover which boat and pontoon models are suitable for electrification, as determined by the OEMs.

The test program will evaluate the entire powertrain system setup and the optimization of its parameters while taking into account the design of each vessel. The program will also enable the optimization of the powertrain’s performance.

Following the sea trials, Vision Marine will conduct further discussions relating to long-term partnerships and purchasing orders.

“Vision Marine is excited to build our relationships within the boating industry in general as well as with specific major OEMs, to showcase our disruptive and innovative E-Motion technology,” said Alexandre Mongeon, co-founder and CEO of Vision Marine. “OEMs are experiencing strong demand from consumers for a viable alternative to legacy ICE motors. The current soaring prices for fossil fuels have validated the necessary move to electric solutions for our waterways.”

Xavier Montagne, COO of Vision Marine, added, “As the boating industry continues to adhere to consumer demands and legislative mandates to better secure our fragile marine ecosystem and electrify our waterways, Vision Marine will continue to stay one step ahead by offering a more environmentally friendly alternative to polluting gasoline- and diesel-powered vessels.”

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