Shift Clean Energy to deliver energy storage systems for 17 sustainable tugboats

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Energy storage systems (ESS) from Shift Clean Energy will be fitted to 17 new hybrid and electric tugboats. The fully electric tugboats will be used by customers including Vallianz and Zeeboat, with the hybrid tugboats being utilized by other companies. The vessels are set to begin operations in 2023 and 2024.

Compared with traditional tugboats, e-tugs can reduce nitrogen oxide by 150 tons and carbon dioxide by 2,000 tons each year.

“We are seeing customers and designers gravitate toward our solutions due to their inherent reliability, long life and safe operations. The Shift-powered tugboats are all equipped with built-in fire detection and fire prevention systems,” said Brent Perry, CEO and founder of Shift. “Safety and industry-leading cost-efficiency are at the core of delivering these projects.

“Shift is thrilled to have been selected to supply these tugboats with clean, efficient energy. As an organization, we are proving that decarbonization with our ESS systems is simple to implement and reaps a myriad of environmental and economic benefits. Shift is excited to continue decarbonizing ports and electrifying the shipping industry.”

Shift has previously partnered with Yinson on its Hydromover launch in Singapore, Vallianz on its e-tug project and ISS on the all-electric Zeeboat.

Perry added, “Time is of the essence. We have to be tenacious and work with visionary leaders to create a zero-emissions industry. We have to act now and the 17 tugboats that will be using our ESS are a step in the right direction.”

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