Poseidon Marine H2 secures technology partner for hydrogen-powered boat

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Poseidon Marine H2 aims to have built a hydrogen-powered boat by the third quarter of 2023, having put together a team of engineers to accelerate the development program.

Following an agreement between Dynamic Efficiency and Poseidon Marine H2, Peter Mastalir and Kevin Morgan – both principal engineers at Dynamic Efficiency ­– will lead the development of a zero-emission pleasure boat. Poseidon aims to capitalize on the demand for clean hydrogen technology, which is being utilized for the decarbonization of the maritime sector.

“This partnership marks an important step forward to providing a clean solution for a sector that makes up 2.5% of global emissions,” commented a spokesperson for Poseidon Marine H2. “Their expertise, from design to construction, will prove critical to seeing a hydrogen-fueled boat in Australian waters in the next 18 months and play a pivotal role in meeting the global demand for decarbonizing the maritime industry.”

At present, both principal engineers are investigating the use of an existing craft with a redesigned fit-out. The partnership will subsequently carry out several tests to ascertain which options are suitable for powering a hydrogen vessel that is scalable across several related markets.

“Initially, we will be following a rigorous 10-month research and development process, then commence building the most commercially viable option,” explained Mastalir. “We intend to use existing technologies as much as possible, which is why we are looking to use an existing hull design with a unique upper deck and internal layout. Our number-one goal is to build a better boat; it just happens to be that it will be powered by hydrogen. The brief is to ensure it has an equivalent operational range, requires less maintenance and is cheaper to run than traditional fuel sources like diesel.”

The team aims to create a model that will enable a new top to be easily installed on a repurposed hull. Once the design has been commercialized, the company believes it will receive quick uptake from large companies within the sector as the infrastructure for a carbon-free boat is already available.

“The time has come to be serious about developing carbon-free maritime applications. A step-by-step approach to modifying the current infrastructure is critical to the success of green hydrogen in the marine sector. Poseidon Marine H2 will be invaluable in achieving these outcomes,” said Mastalir.

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