Zero-emission high-speed catamaran from Green City Ferries

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Green City Ferries is to launch a zero-emission ferry, the Beluga 24, to transport passengers across waterways in an efficient and sustainable manner.

The new type of catamaran will draw its propulsion power from Japanese LTO batteries and/or Canadian fuel cells, to provide a high level of performance, alongside shorter charging times and a longer service life. The Beluga 24 also features a midship-placed foil to partially lift the ship out of the water to reduce water resistance and energy consumption, while increasing traveling speeds.

“We expect a consumption of 30kWh per nautical mile at 30kts, which is almost half of what a conventional catamaran consumes,” said Fredrik Thornell, CEO, Green City Ferries. “With Beluga 24 we are demonstrating a high-speed emission-free alternative to diesel ferries that also costs less to operate. Therefore, this solution is highly attractive to transport administrations, shipping companies and most importantly, for people.”

Development and design of the passenger ferry has been carried out collaboratively with New Zealand-based design firm Teknicraft, and Italian Sculli Design studios.

Green City Ferries will retain the exclusive rights to build and sell the carbon-fiber vessel globally, with the first ships to be built in Sweden before entering service in 2023. The vessel will be capable of carrying up to 150 passengers on commuter routes, and features space for 30 bicycles.

“Interest in sustainable waterborne transport and demand for emission-free vessels is increasing exponentially. Analysts claim that the global market for emission-free vessels is expected to increase from US$5.2bn in 2019 to US$15.6bn by 2030, and passenger ferries are a large part of this,” explained Magnus Sörenson, marketing and sales manager, Green City Ferries. 

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