Yara Marine Technologies chooses Poland as location for new shop

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Norway-based Yara Marine Technologies says it is continuing its green-tech expansion with a new site in Poland to service turnkey electric and hybrid marine products and carry out onboard repairs and upgrades.

“When introducing new and unfamiliar technologies to the maritime industry, we experience that we need to be able to supervise and cover some of the installations ourselves, if only to get local installation and commissioning teams on the right track,” commented Aleksander Askeland, CSO at Yara Marine Technologies. “We often send our engineers to help on particularly difficult tasks, and now we can send our installation team as well.”

Initially, the new shop in Budowlanych will house an installation team that will focus on conversions, assembly, welding and repairs. The site will simultaneously function as an addition to Yara Marine’s suppliers in the after-sales part of the business. This will enable the company to strengthen its service capabilities and add value to long-term service agreements.

“We keep track of repairs and maintenance, and to continue our service improvements we decided to do some of the critical repairs – like welding – ourselves, as a complement to our preferred subcontractors,” explained Clas Roth, head of customer service operations at Yara Marine Technologies. “The goal is to increase our capacity for supervision and control.”

With shipowners and operators expecting turnkey solutions for new technologies that are unfamiliar to workers, the Polish facility will be used by Yara Marine to meet this expectation. The company says that having an installation team to support, supervise and inspect reduces risk and increases value.

“We know how to introduce and implement green maritime technologies. This is our core competence, which we developed throughout our scrubber business journey. We are able to do conversions with several of our new products, like shore power, out of dry dock. In these cases, we experience that ship owners prefer turnkey solutions with a single point of contact and responsibility. Our new Poland site – and the capacity for supervision and control it provides us with – enables us to take full responsibility for these installations,” ended Roth. 

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