Proton Motor supplies clean fuel cell system to Fincantieri

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Hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer Proton Motor Fuel Cell has announced the supply of its HyShip 72 emission-free hydrogen fuel cell system to shipbuilder Fincantieri.

Two fully redundant HyShip 72 product designs were adapted for the power supply of the electric powertrain and other power consumers on a vessel type known as the Zero Emission Ultimate Ship (ZEUS).

The vessel’s hydrogen-powered propulsion solution features Proton Motor fuel cells, a battery system and a metal hydride hydrogen storage system. The environmentally friendly hydrogen hybrid system will be the main power supply to enable zero-emission shipping. Waste heat will be used thermally to extract the hydrogen from the metal hydrate on board the ZEUS.

Two Proton Motor PM 400-120 stack modules make up the core of the HyShip system. In mid-December 2021, classification society RINA oversaw the technical acceptance and official release of the first HyShip Fincantieri product.

A singular HyShip 72 system consists of two integrated Proton Motor PM 400-120 stack modules. Both of the HyShip systems work redundantly to each other and will be supplemented with a battery system and the hydrogen storage system based on metal hydride to enable an emission-free electric drivetrain.

“The entire Proton Motor team is very proud of our high-performance product portfolio for emission-free mobility,” commented Alexander Adrian, sales manager, Proton Motor. “With high-tech innovations based on hydrogen fuel cells, we are making a decisive contribution to the success of a sustainable and green maritime energy transition and in the general transport sector.”

The Fincantieri order is scheduled to be finalized in February 2022.

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