Consortium of Japanese manufacturers to develop hydrogen-fueled marine engines

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Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Yanmar Power Technology and the Japan Engine Corporation have formed a consortium to jointly develop hydrogen-fueled marine engines for a variety of vessels. Their goal is to establish themselves as market leaders in the development of hydrogen engine technologies.

The consortium seeks to develop these technologies within a hydrogen value chain while working toward global expansion. Through cooperation when carrying out basic experiments and analysis on hydrogen combustion, materials and sealing techniques, alongside society classification, each partner hopes to bring hydrogen-fueled engines to market by 2025.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries is to develop medium-speed four-stroke engines, while Yanmar Power Technology will focus on medium-and high-speed four-stroke engines. The Japan Engine Corporation will be responsible for the ongoing development of low-speed two-stroke engines.

With three development programs happening simultaneously, the trio hopes to widen the product line-up of propulsion and auxiliary engines for a range of ships. Alongside this, a hydrogen fuel storage and supply system will be developed as part of the integrated hydrogen fuel system.

By developing a multitude of advanced hydrogen marine engine technologies followed by a quick launch to market, the trio hopes to contribute to the shipbuilding industry in Japan. The consortium aims to revitalize the Japanese maritime industry and create a more sustainable maritime society by promoting the uptake of hydrogen-fueled engines.   

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