Cargill, Mitsui and Maersk Tankers launch Njord green tech solution

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With a view to making vessels more efficient and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions created by the sector, Cargill, Mitsui and Maersk Tankers have launched the Njord green technology solution.

The service utilizes a combination of energy saving devices to lower emissions. A team will assess a vessel’s optimization potential and subsequently design the systems and help shipowners or operators implement them.

“Njord is part of our work to pioneer and scale solutions to decarbonize shipping – and it has the potential to deliver significant value to shipowners and the environment,” commented Frederik Pind, head of decarbonization, Maersk Tankers. “It closes the tech and incentives gap by linking industry players through operational expertise and financial inducements, making it a valuable offering in an otherwise fragmented industry.”

As part of the service, Cargill provides operational knowledge and Mitsui its global network and experience in shipowning and ship building. Maersk Tankers brings managerial insight to provide solutions that improve vessel performance to reduce emissions.

“Njord helps shipowners and charterers unlock decarbonization potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We are proud to be part of this partnership which will create a greener shipping value chain,” said George Wells, asset trading lead, Cargill’s Ocean Transportation business.

Over the past few years, the collaboration has trialled decarbonization solutions such as existing and new fuel-saving technologies on their jointly owned, managed or chartered fleet. Depending on the vessel’s size, its trading patterns and installations, the Njord services are estimated to reduce annual fuel consumption, on average, by 7 to 16%.

“We believe that energy-saving devices will play a vital role not only as a short-term solution but also in a greener shipping world. By gathering diversified expertise and knowledge with partners, we look forward to contributing to the development of sustainable solutions for shipping, which will help to create an eco-friendly society,” said Kensuke Kubota, general manager of transportation and machinery business, Mitsui.

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