Vanadium redox battery design verified by ABS

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An advanced vanadium redox flow battery system from Gennal Engineering – named the Blue G – has received verification from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). Following the verification, the prototype battery will now move into a testing stage later on in 2023.

Gennal Engineering’s battery consists of a water-based electrolyte solution, storage tank, stack cell and regulating pump. Unique to this system type, the process of charging and discharging energy does not produce excess heat.

The battery type is said to benefit from scalability and a lifespan of more than 25 years – double that of a standard lithium-ion battery. The Blue G battery is highly recyclable as the vanadium electrolyte can easily be extracted and recycled when the battery is decommissioned at the end of its useful service life.

“Vanadium redox technology is a potential game-changer in the application of batteries at sea. It has the advantages of a long lifespan, greatly improved energy capacity and an improved safety profile as a non-flammable product,” said Gareth Burton, vice president of technology at ABS. “This technology is one that has the potential to accelerate the energy transition in the maritime industry, supporting global decarbonization goals.”

“We are glad to be partnering with ABS in achieving this qualification for Blue G,” added Alex Peck, director of Gennal Engineering. “It reflects the confidence ABS has in Gennal in helping the industry to accelerate forward toward marine decarbonization.”

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