JV to develop fast-charging graphene batteries

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Skeleton Technologies, a specialist in graphene-based ultracapacitor energy storage, has announced a partnership with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany, to complete the development of its SuperBattery, a graphene battery with a claimed 15-second charging time. The company says that the fast charging time is coupled with charging cycles counted in hundreds of thousands.

The key to this impressive performance, the company says, is Skeleton’s patented Curved Graphene carbon material, which it states enables the high power and long lifetime of ultracapacitors to be applied in a graphene battery.

Skeleton Technologies’ CEO, Taavi Madiberk, commented, “Cooperation between European energy storage companies is key for the EU to be a global leader in energy storage. We are delighted to have signed the SuperBattery development deal with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and combine forces to bring to market a technology that will blow existing EV charging solutions out of the water.”

Though initially targeted at the automotive market, the batteries could be just as easily utilized in marine applications, particularly when coupled with existing lithium-ion systems.

“The SuperBattery is a game changer for the industry. Together with Li-ion batteries, they have it all: high energy and power density, long lifetime, and 15-second charging time,” Madiberk added.

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