Astrol DC breaker switch granted marine product type approval

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A series of DC breaker switches developed by Astrol Electronic and KWx have received marine product type approval from the China Classification Society (CCS). The product series had already been marine type approved by the DNV in 2019, with Lloyd’s Register approval expected in 2023.

With onboard power system requirements increasing, DC grids are viewed as a potential solution, but only when fitted with ample protection. To meet this demand, Astrol Electronic and KWx jointly designed and produced the portfolio of 1kV DC breaker switches for maritime applications.

To protect against short circuit situations and power overloads, the duo’s DC breaker switch  is based on modern, powerful semiconductor technology and is able to switch off within microseconds. This ensures that the DC breaker delivers reliable protection against short circuit currents in all parts of the grid. The companies’ 1kV version is liquid cooled and uses 3.3kV insulated gate bipolar transistors and diode modules. It is capable of handling nominal voltages up to 1,500V.

A video about the DC breaker switch can be found below.

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