Robert Allan develops low-carbon windfarm CTV

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Canada-based naval architectural firm Robert Allan has announced the development of a methanol-fueled Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) named the RAptor 2400.

Propulsion is provided by four Scania DI16 main engines, each capable of outputting 450kW at 2,100rpm. ScandiNAOS converted the main engines to run on methanol – the engines also meet IMO Tier III emissions limits without needing aftertreatment.

The system consists of two engines in each demi-hull that are connected to a dual-input gearbox that drives a Servogear controllable pitch propeller system. This aids in maximizing the vessel’s sprint speed and bollard push performance and enables a top speed of more than 25kts at full load displacement.

The vessel has been developed to eliminate carbon emissions from the supply chain and will do so by running on the cleaner methanol fuel, resulting in lower emissions and significant reductions to CO2, NOx, SOx and particulate matter. By utilizing methanol, space on the vessel is saved as it negates the need for cryogenic or pressurized fuel tanks, resulting in a methanol capacity of 12m3.

Once widely available, green methanol (a gas fuel produced from low-carbon sources that include renewable electricity with carbon capture) will be used. As a result, net-zero carbon emissions will be produced when operating the vessel.

“The possibility of using green methanol marks a shift from the current linear fuel cycle to a circular fuel cycle, where harmful combustion waste products are converted back into useful fuels. This will have great benefits for generations to come,” commented Erik Johnston, project manager, Robert Allan.

The 23.8m-long RAptor 2400 features cabins for the master and two crew in the demi-hull accommodations, while a technician seating area on the main deck can accommodate up to 12 windfarm service personnel.

The project has been supported by Carbon Trust, UK, and the Offshore Wind Accelerator program.

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