Norsepower to install Rotor Sails on board new-build CO2 carrier vessels

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Auxiliary wind propulsion systems provider Norsepower has signed a contract with Dalian Shipbuilding for the delivery of single Rotor Sails for two new-build liquefied natural gas-powered (LNG) and wind-assisted CO₂ carriers.

Each liquefied CO₂ carrier will have a single Norsepower Rotor Sail installed, measuring 28m x 4m. Norsepower estimates that following the installation, the fuel and CO₂ emissions from each ship will be reduced by 5%.

Designed by Northern Lights, the two carriers are stated to be the first of their kind and are currently being built by Dalian Shipbuilding in China. In addition to the Rotor Sails, each ship will benefit from a range of other technologies aimed at improving energy efficiency.

The Rotor Sails are scheduled to be delivered in early 2023, ahead of the 130m-long vessels being delivered in 2024. When conducting operations, the vessels will fill up captured and liquefied CO₂ from European emitters and ship it to the Northern Lights receiving terminal in Øygarden, Norway.

“The industry is transforming quickly and new-build vessels are being built today to operate efficiently ahead of 2050,” said Tuomas Riski, CEO of Norsepower. “Therefore, we are seeing the industry seeking to build vessels today which already have proven energy efficiency solutions on board which can reduce fuel consumption, the associated costs as well as reduce emissions. As fuel prices increase and a carbon levy is initiated, getting new-build vessels as efficient as possible is essential for long-term commercial success.

“Our technology, alongside an air lubrication system and other clean technologies will ensure operations are as low carbon as possible. This initiative also highlights the role that cleaner shipping has within complex supply chains and decarbonization strategies outside of the immediate industry.”

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