ClassNK awards Approvals in Principle to GTT for alternative fuel projects

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A total of four Approvals in Principle (AiPs) have been issued to GTT for its latest development projects in the area of alternative fuels. The AiPs were handed over at a ceremony in Tokyo, Japan on March 6, 2023.

The projects consist of a concept for a 12,500m3 LNG dual-fueled very large crude carrier (VLCC) fitted with a Mark III Flex system, and a concept for LNG fuel tanks with NH3 -ready notation which includes material compatibility with NH3 , risk assessment and boil-off gas management.

The additional AiPs cover a concept for an 8,000 CEU LNG dual-fueled pure car and truck carrier (PCTC) with NH3 -ready notation. The last AiP covers the Recycool system applied to LNG-fueled vessels which enables the reliquefaction of evaporated LNG to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and economic losses.

The verification of the products was carried out in line with the classification society’s rules, including Part N incorporating the IGC Code, Part GF incorporating the IGF Code, and ClassNK’s Guidelines for Ships Using Alternative Fuels. The AiP for Recycool is claimed to be the first in the world for this type of system.

“We are very pleased to have received these Approvals in Principle in person and to be back in Japan after the global pandemic,” said Philippe Berterottière, chairman and CEO of GTT. “These certifications confirm the research and innovation work performed by GTT engineers and technicians. We thank ClassNK for their trust in our technologies on alternative fuels.”

“It is a great honor to welcome GTT’s team back to Japan and hand over four AiPs for their innovative and inspiring concepts pursuing low- and zero-carbon shipping upon our rigorous verification process in line with the appropriate standards for each solution,” explained Masaki Matsunaga, corporate officer/director of plan approval and technical solution division, ClassNK. “We congratulate GTT on achieving these milestones and look forward to continuing our partnership with them in implementing sustainable energy initiatives.”

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Left: Masaki Matsunaga; right: Philippe Berterottière 
Photo credit: GTT

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