Candela launches T-top version of all-electric C-8 hydrofoiling vessel

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The hydrofoiling Candela C-8 will be now available in a T-Top version to enable all-electric, zero-emission journeys in hot and sunny climates such as those found in Florida.

Featuring a highly efficient Candela C-Pod motor, the vessel can cruise for 2.5 hours at 22kts. Candela’s hydrofoil technology reduces energy usage by 80% compared with conventional vessels, enabling the C-8 to carry its passengers for longer distances on battery power alone.

Thanks to the vessel’s newly fitted 45kg carbon-fiber sunroof, passengers can now travel between destinations in the Florida area while being protected from the elements.

“On one charge, you can cruise from central Miami to Key Biscayne and back. In silence, no fumes, no slamming, for only US$10 of electricity,” said Tanguy de Lamotte, CEO of Candela’s US office. “Once you’re flying, all the bad things about planing boats are gone. It’s like driving an electric car for the first time: you never want to drive a conventional car ever again.”

The Candela C-8 will make its US debut on January 5, 2023, at CES.

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