Danish-US collaboration to bring next-gen ESS to market

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Danish power management specialist DEIF (Danish Electro Instrument Factory) and USA-headquartered battery module developer LAVLE have announced a partnership to produce energy storage systems (ESS) for the marine market. The companies say they will develop a hybrid controller based of DEIF’s Multi-line 300 control platform and LAVLE’s Proteus ESS.

The Multi-line 300 is a modular control system, which the manufacturer says can be scaled to support applications ranging from a single generator to complex, multi-faceted power systems. LAVLE is focused on the development of lithium metal and solid-state battery systems, utilizing cells developed by supplier 3DOM. The company’s first production ESS is due to be delivered later this year for use by CleanDesign Power Systems, as part of a hybrid power management system for the oil and gas industry.

The companies state that the partnership will include collaboration on power management functions such as Load Dependent Start/Stop, ESS peak shave, 100% electric operations, support for heavy consumers, spinning reserve, and redundant control solutions.

“DEIF has great knowledge and experience with Power Management Systems for land and marine power applications,” said Eric Galles, product manager, energy storage solutions for LAVLE.

“Partnering with DEIF to combine our ESS (Proteus) with DEIF’s Multi-line 300 hybrid controller will give us unparalleled integration into DEIF’s power management system. This will give our ESS the functionality and flexibility required to perform at the top of the market.”

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