All-electric vessel to feature Shift Clean Energy’s PwrSwäp technology

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Shift Clean Energy, a pay-as-you-go energy subscription service provider for the maritime industry will supply its PwrSwäp technology to the Hydromover, the first all-electric battery-swapping cargo vessel in the Port of Singapore.

The announcement was made at a keel-laying ceremony, led by SeaTech Solutions International (SeaTech) in collaboration with Yinson GreenTech (YGT) and Goal Zero consortium members. The Hydromover vessel, which was designed by SeaTech, is owned by YGT and is set to be the first to use the PwrSwäp technology. Shift’s pay-as-you-go energy subscription service has been developed to deliver clean, renewable energy to ships, aiding a transition to cleaner forms of power.

Upon its launch – which is currently scheduled for the second quarter of 2023 – the Hydromover will become a highly economical and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cargo vessels, with an estimated fuel cost reduction of 77% and a greenhouse gas saving of approximately 752 tons.

“It’s never been more critical to decarbonize the marine industry, and partnerships like these are integral to moving the needle on decarbonization,” said Brent Perry, Shift’s CEO and founder. “PwrSwäp’s industry-leading, safe and clean technology will play a vital role in revolutionizing the operations of the harbor craft sector in the Port of Singapore and beyond, and helping the maritime industry meet the International Maritime Organization’s greenhouse gas emission targets for 2050.”

In August 2021, the Goal Zero consortium received one of three grants from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and the Singapore Maritime Institute. The grant was awarded to research, develop, deploy and commercialize a fully electric cargo vessel with swappable battery infrastructure. The vessel is expected to be ready for commercialization in 2024.

“Goal Zero is made up of like-minded and synergistic partners who are fully committed to helping the marine industry transition to net zero,” explained Eirik Barclay, Shift’s executive vice president of new ventures and technology. “Since being awarded the grant, we have achieved many important milestones, which have culminated in today’s keel laying to mark the official commencement of construction.

“We are very pleased with our rapid progress and are looking forward to launching our pilot vessel by the second quarter of 2023, way in advance of the original five-year schedule planned for the program. This not only gives Goal Zero a head start to roll out our all-electric cargo vessel, but it is also an important contribution to Singapore’s goals for all domestic harbor craft to operate on low-carbon energy solutions by 2030 and to halve carbon emissions from these vessels by 2050.”

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