Electrifying maritime

If your next project is electric – Echandia is part of the solution.

Targets are set for shipping to be emission free by 2050. So quite likely, your next project contains batteries. Echandia provide solutions and collaboration that lets shipowners and operators go from running fleets on fossil fuels, to build an economically viable fleet of energy efficient, and zero-emission vessels.

Whether your project is going for full electric propulsion, hybridization, or creating energy efficiency with onboard electric support systems, Echandia solutions can meet heavy-duty requirements to be a part of your next project.

We partner globally with shipyards, system integrators and operators to realize complex projects. Our solutions are built with inherent cell-level safety and designed for real heavy-duty applications. You can trust that our solutions will stand the test of time and tear of harsh operating environments.


Size and weight are key when designing battery systems for maritime applications. Our systems can be up to 50 percent lighter and significantly smaller than most alternatives. This is possible because our systems require less oversizing to meet the energy requirement over the expected battery lifetime. This means we can deliver the same output with a smaller footprint and lower system weight compared to alternative systems.

Echandias solutions have an unparalleled cycle life, with a guaranteed life span of 10 years. In many cases, they can continue well after the guaranteed life span. This means significantly improved total cost (TCO) and real sustainability.

And we can keep you safe over time. Our design philosophy is that robust system safety begins from within the cell. We build our systems on the LTO chemistry, which is extremely resilient towards external heat and abuse, it’s inherent qualities drastically reduces the risk of thermal runaway.

This means our systems can deliver high power throughput with the same level of safety on day one as after 10 years of use.

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