E J Bowman (Birmingham) Ltd

E J Bowman (Birmingham) Ltd

Bowman Heat Exchangers

Bowman heat exchangers are well known throughout the marine industry for their performance, quality and durability. UK manufactured for over 100 years and produced in line with ISO 9001 quality management standards, Bowman offer one of the widest ranges of heat exchangers for cooling electric and hybrid marine propulsion systems

Cooling applications include:
Electric Propulsion – the battery pack and on-board charger (where installed), AC-DC converter, DC-DC converter, plus the electric drive motors,

Hybrid Propulsion: hybrid control unit, combined electric motor/generator, plus cooling for the engine and lubrication systems.

The combination of compact design, for easier integration, plus highly efficient heat transfer, have made them the first choice for many of the leading electric & hybrid propulsion OEM’s, where the heat exchangers are now extensively tested and proven.

Based on Bowman’s proven ‘shell and tube’ design, the range comprises over 40 different heat exchangers capable of dissipating heat loads from 3 kW – 700 kW, based on using a 50/50 water/glycol coolant, with a seawater temperature of 30°C and a coolant outlet temperature of 40°C.

As electric and Hybrid systems are often designed to operate with seawater temperatures of 30°C plus, selecting the correct heat exchanger is critical and by supplying the following information, Bowman can provide a computer aided product selection, to accurately select the correct heat exchanger for your specific requirements:

Coolant type and concentration
Heat to be dissipated in kW
Water flow rate in l/min
Maximum water temperature in °C
Cooling water temperature in °C

Detailed literature and full technical data on all models is also available together with 3D CAD models.

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  • E J Bowman (Birmingham) Ltd
  • E J Bowman (Birmingham) Ltd
  • E J Bowman (Birmingham) Ltd