LS Elektronik AB

LS Elektronik AB

Lars Stahre Elektronik AB

We are an engineering company focusing on developing and manufacturing both hardware and software mainly used in radio systems.

The company started in 1993 mainly producing coverage measurement systems for Ericsson, which was used worldwide.

Apart from the above products, we take on development jobs involving all from mechanics to software.

We are fully equipped with the instrumentation needed for development of electronics and radio products.

We have our own test chamber for EMC measurements and also heat and cold tests.

All hardware and software used in our systems are developed in house.

We provide service support through phone and email during business hours.

Mimer SoftRadio

Mimer SoftRadio is our main product. We have since 2004 produced the IP remote dispatch system Mimer SoftRadio. It has since been sold in over 60 countries worldwide.

This is a product line that is constantly under development with new functions and features, and will be so for many years forward.

Mimer SoftRadio has become a standard product onboard unmanned ships since it is so easy to setup for remote control of onboard radios from a marine control centre onshore, even using satellite for the IP connection.

Mimer X-Link

For bridging of radio systems, we build a small universal interface. It can cross connect almost any two types of radios, making it possible to communicate between totally different types of systems.

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